streda 28. novembra 2007

Resident Evil - Alice

Alice is a fictional character and the primary heroine of the Resident Evil film series, based on the Resident Evil video game series. Though she does not appear in the games, she does eventually interact with a number of characters from the games including Jill Valentine, Carlos Oliveira, Claire Redfield and Nemesis. Alice plays a principal role in each film, the storylines all somewhat revolving around her and the struggle with the Umbrella Corporation (the company she used to work for). In Resident Evil, she is displayed as suffering from amnesia. In Resident Evil: Apocalypse, her character is portrayed as tough and rugged, as she is more familiar with the situation surrounding her. She also plays a similar role in Resident Evil: Extinction. Apart from the films, she appears in the film's novelizations where her background is explained, however, the novels are not considered canon.

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